Dads can do many wonderful things and until recently it was Dad’s job to snap the first few photos of mom and long awaited baby.  However there is one HUGE problem with this, Dad is not present in the photos.  Without you, Dad, this tiny human would not be here. You are an integral part of this child’s birth.  You are mom’s most important support person.  You should be free to support your wife and enjoy your baby. Let me help you document this amazing, miraculous time in your life, so you can be fully present for your family.


There is so much that happens that the laboring mother forgets or doesn't notice.  Birth photography allowed me to see so much I missed. I saw how awesome and involved my husband was. I felt the pictures showed a different side of nurturing. The pictures helped bring to light the intimacy of our relationship.  ~Robin

“Being able to give my wife all the love and attention she needed, by not having to have a camera and watch the experience through a lens was one of the greatest gifts Maggie provided.” ~ Ryan

"I thoroughly enjoyed having Maggie at our birth because it gave me more time to focus on my wife's needs and also provided me with peace of mind that our experience would be captured. With Maggie there, I was able to enjoy the process and remain in-the-moment with my wife and new baby!" ~Dustin

how do i convince my husband to hire a birth photographer


Having a birth photographer allowed me to focus on my partner's needs and allowed me to be present in the moment without having to be behind a camera "capturing" our memories. I was also able to update our family knowing I wouldn't miss a single moment!” ~Nick

I watched the slideshow again tonight and cried my face off. It is amazing how when things seem challenging with feedings, lack of sleep, or that our families are hundreds of miles away, I can go back to this video and it reminds me of all the love and support I felt when I brought her into this world and allows me to look around current day to say "it's okay, we are doing pretty great" ~Erica

”I was having a really hard time the past 4 weeks processing the birth and was really sad and upset that I didn't do a good job and give David the birth I had hoped. The photos relieved all of that. I honestly didn't remember 75% of what you captured. I loved seeing my other kids' faces and the faces of my doula and husband. I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by you all.” ~Ashley.


You are an integral part of your child’s birth and having a birth photographer allows you to capture this event without taking yourself out of the picture.  It allows you to document the unique beauty of the day you become a new family.

Birth photography is empowering. It will allow you to see that you are strong, capable and beautiful.  It will help you reflect on your birth and see the magic in this once in a lifetime experience. 

Birth Photography will show you how loving and proud your birth team was.  

It will give you and your partner the enjoyment of bonding with your new baby and peace of mind knowing that your moments are being captured.

In the long run birth photography has proven to be immensely helpful in processing your birth, as well as helping you bond with baby and instilling confidence as a mother.


Clients have used their birth photos to:

  • help with pumping when away from baby

  • play slideshow for birthdays

  • show your child the day he/she was born

  • validate your strength,beauty and power

  • validate that you are a capable and loving mother

  • reconnect with your partner by seeing how helpful loving he/she was

  • share your birth story with family out of state or country

Your deserve to enjoy this experience! Let yourself be a part of it COMPLETELY and let me show you, just how strong and beautiful you are, during what will no doubtedly be one of the most profound and transformational experiences of your life.

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers—strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." — Barbara Katz Rothman