How to write an Instagram Bio that speaks to your people.

i want to write about doing an instagram bio because most ppl don’t know how. Once you know this you will notice that many people on instagram use this formula.

instagram is a great place to find clients and tell them exactly what you do

newtwork with other businesses

bio should quickly tell people exactly what you do and how. It’s important to think about WHO you are talking to, WHO you are, and WHY they should care.

use words that reflect your brand.

Mine reads:
Helping Women honor their Motherhood stories with honest portraits + strategic brand design for fellow lady bosses.

There isn’t enough space for two full ones if there was my branding would read:

Helping fellow lady bosses elevate and communicate their business message with authentic photographs and strategic brand design.

Better Birth Photos reads:

I help Doulas stand out in a saturated market by improving their birth photography AND branding skills.

Are you seeing the pattern yet?

I love fill in the blank stuff.

simple + effective

I help_______________ by________________

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