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why you need a visual brand

People buy your why

Your clients don’t buy WHAT you do rather they connect with your PURPOSE. Having a strong brand will help your potential clients connect with you and your vision, making hiring you a no-brainer.

Build trust

Having photos that show off your unique personality will set you apart from the competition.  High quality and authentic photographs will enhance your professional presence and your position as the expert in your industry. These photos will give you another layer of trust and appeal.

The brain is a visual instrument

Everyday our decisions are driven by hundreds of visual cues.  Utilizing this with branding photos and videos will tell your people WHO you are
and WHY they should care AND make you memorable to your potential clients.


A Visual brand

directly and subliminally communicates who you are, what you do and why people should care. It helps build an emotional connection between you and the people who find your services invaluable.


What’s the difference between branding photos and headshots?

Think of a head shots as a yearbook photo. It will show your potential clients or readers WHAT you look like. They are great for a facebook or linkdin profile photos or professional resume.
Branding photos delve deeper into WHO you are and WHY you are passionate about your work. Branding photos show off your personality and show you in action. Although having a professional head shot is a must it’s branding photos that will really help you connect with your people and represent your brand’s values and personality. You can use your branding photos on: Your website, Instagram or any social media, business cards, brochures, magazine or media interviews, the possibilities are endless!



Branding videos

Branding Photo shoots

website & social media help

Email list set up and maintenance

DESIGN services - post cards, pamphlets etc.

MOnthly memberships are available

Let’s be honest running your own business is no cakewalk. As entrepreneurs we wear many different hats. As great CEO’s we know that working within our creative genius is vital to our success. Working on the things you are best at probably doesn’t leave you enough time to learn and execute often overlooked but crucial things such as social media advertising, writing blogs and creating and constantly updating content. If you are feeling overwhelmed and wish you could pass the marketing off to someone else….

I am here to help!

Let me do what I do best: Beautifully and strategically communicating your message with the right people and giving you the freedom to share your skills and passion with the world!