Big family life - A look into the life of a fun and loving new family of 6 - Chicago and Aurora Newborn Photographer

I met this family when they were expecting their FIRST, seven years ago. Since then I was lucky enough to capture the newborn stage of family life for each of their 4 kiddos. How cool is that??!!

Before I left they even all took a photo with me, and the oldest kiddo drew a super cute picture of me. Scroll down to see those.


At most of my newborn shoots I will have the family pile on the bed, to nurse, cuddle, and of course if you are a kid to climb and jump!

The perks of an at home session is that you DON’T have to get everyone ready and be somewhere ON TIME. In fact, most of my clients are still scrambling to get ready when I arrive, and that’s totally fine. I will then either start with the family members who are ready or help mom make a final outfit decision.

Newborn sessions are scheduled within the first 2 weeks of baby’s birth, that way we can get some super cute sleepy photos. I do bring some wraps and props, and clients like to personalize their sessions with blankets, toys and other little things that are either cute or meaningful.

I always try to get the big bed, tiny baby photo. This really shows their size, AND if you book a WATCH ME GROW, session we can take photos in the same spot to show how your little one has grown.

BEHOLD, the worlds cutest little unicorn! I brought the headband with, and mom happened to have this little unicorn toy.

When photographing families in Chicago and Suburbs, I aim to document many different family dynamics. I really want to show your life right now, and how baby fits into your family. These are the memories that you will want to look back on years from now.

How do I know?? I have two kids, who are turning 11 and 9 this year. My favorite photos are of them together AND I have learned that there is NO SUCH thing as too many photos. Time flies folks, document your memories. Sadly, they do fade with time. But your photos will be forever!!

And of course the photos that ALL grandmas want. The photos of everyone looking, with a giant group hug finale. Let’s not forget the Fur babies!! They are part of your family.

During our newborn session we will take lots of breaks for nursing. No matter if you are using breast of bottle I will make sure to document some of those special bonding moments.

AND NOW, the adorable picture that Ms. Frankie drew for me and a photo of me and all my newborn babies - all grown up. It’s interesting being on the other side of the camera, I probably should have grabbed this photo right at the beginning, because not everyone was happy BUT I think we did alright!

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