Brother and Sister meet for the first time at Prentice Hospital in Chicago

Sibling meetings may be my favorite subject to photograph.  As parents we spend months preparing the older child for life with his/her new sibling.  We talk about the baby in our belly and let them feel the kicks. We teach our toddlers to be gentle once they do meet him/her and remind them of the ways they will be our very special helpers. We worry about the impact this monumental change will have on our older kiddos and come up with thousands of ways to make them feel loved and included. 

And on the big day all those worries melt away as we settle into the bliss of having all our babies in our arms, together at last. 

Fresh 48 sessions are scheduled based on your family's preference to ensure that your most precious moments are documented. Your session will be a mix of gently posed portraits and moments of pure observation as your family gets to know each other. 

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