Bringing Home Baby - Dad gets the ultimate gift for his wife -a Sibling meeting photo-shoot in Logan Square, Chicago

Dad’s call came just before Christmas. He said they are expecting a baby and mom wanted to have sibling meeting photos.

This was the most incredible gift. Such big life moments deserve to be documented.

I mean do you want to regret not having photos from a once in a lifetime event?


It was important for this family to enjoy their time together and experience the first meeting without having to be behind a screen, but still have the option to look back at it and re-live the experience.

Part of the process of photo shoots with Maggie Cuprisin Photography is spending time on planning and and learning what is important for each unique family to capture.


Because of flu season some hospitals well all really don’t allow children under the age of 18. to work around that we turned our sibling meeting into a baby coming home story.

Commited to telling your story, remain flexible, birth is a whirlwind and so is early newborn days. i understand that and aim to be flexible.

I went to their house to wait for parents and baby.

At home with his grandmas and uncle was a very excited big brother who faithfully watched the window.

Big bro was so excited and couldn’t wait to hold the baby,. Afteral, he just spent the last two days away from his mom and he knew she was coming home with a new family member!

Making a big deal of this meeting to your older children helps them feel involved. Hiring a photographer is a great way to make it a big deal (because it is!) and to document all your momnets without having to do it yourself, or family members having to exprience meeting the baby through a screen!


Sibling meetings often turn into family meetings since so many people have been waiting to meet your new little one.

Grandma and Great Grandma were overjouyed!

Everyone has a special skill and creating an environment where people could be themselves and documenting a story that is artfully authentic happens to be mine!

the rest of the shoot was spent with everyone fawning over and holding the baby.

and of course the first family photo. in addition to photographs that tell your story you will always get a family photo of everyone looking at the camera with pleasant expressions AT the same time!!!


first days home with a baby feel like…….a magical dream and all you can do is look at your beautiful baby and feel so full of love and wonder. The hours don’t exist but run together into days where you are learning about yourself and your new family. Everything has changed. The whole world seems to be right there in your arms blinking their little eyes up at you and filling you with so much joy.

These are the precious moments you will treasure in your hearts and always want to remember.

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