Best Childbirth Education Classes in Chicago and Suburbs

As a birth photographer I’ve had the privilege of witnessing over a hundred women give birth. Each experience has been absolutely unique and humbling and I learned quite a bit along the way.

Over time I noticed a fascinating pattern: moms who took Child birth education classes and/or hired a doula had less interventions, shorter labors, were confident in their choices, advocated for the experience they wanted and attributed the quality of their recovery to the quality of their birth.

I deeply care about the way other Women experience birth and will always encourage mothers to be to do their homework. I have an immense understanding of how birth affects us, not just through accompanying other Women during their births but also through two very different birthing experiences of my own. One that left me feeling like I failed and one that was so Bad Ass and empowering it changed the trajectory of my life for the better. I don’t believe everyone needs to have a natural birth while dreading their hair and making placenta jelly to feel empowered about their experience (although if that’s your jam, AWESOME!) .

I believe that EVERY Woman/Birthing Person deserves to feel respected, heard, safe and has the right to be in charge of her birth and free to make choices right for them and their baby.

Being informed is the NUMBER ONE way to have the birth you want and the post partum you deserve.

Taking an out of hospital child birth education class can significantly reduce the risk of medical intervention and C-section. It will help you feel prepared and confident to make evidenced based choices that are right for you and your family.

Walking away from your birth experience feeling educated and empowered even if things do not go exactly as planned will have a positive impact on your mental and physical state during your post partum period.

Why take an out of hospital childbirth education class? Most hospital classes are designed to let parents know how their birth will unfold based the the hospital's policies and procedures NOT the birth that parents desire.

Taking a Private Class means:

  • A private Child Birth Educator is working for YOU not the hospital. They have your specific and best interest at heart.

  • It's great to learn from someone who is experienced in helping women reach their desired birth goals

  • A private class is a great way to meet other moms and feel supported.

Below you will find a listing of the best childbirth education classes in Chicago and Suburbs, complete with class descriptions, the educator’s mission and with practical info like times and locations.



Mary Sommers and Claire Zawa

Locations: Birthways Inc. Chicago, IL or in-home
Times: Weekends, Weeknights and Weekdays
Online: N
Private Classes: Y

Celebrate Birth! 8-week and Weekend Intensives
Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting 9-week series
Breastfeeding 101
Childbirth Refresher
Bouncing Back from Baby
Celebrate Pregnancy!
Prenatal Nutrition/Wellness
Newborn Care
VBAC Preparation
Comfort Measures
Infant Massage Instruction

We approach this work of preparing to parent with compassion, non-judgement and curiosity. By hosting group and private classes, we can work with you to determine what will best meet your needs and interests.  Celebrate Birth! with Mary Sommers, CPM, MPH, offers a way to prepare for birth that brings together new and traditional wisdom, your own life experiences, and your inner strength and abilities. You will discover the patterns and rhythms of childbirth that will nurture confidence and your ability to think, speak, and act purposefully during this important time. We also offer Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) with Claire Zawa, CD(DONA,) MBCP Educator, which is an experiential class that brings together childbirth preparation and mindfulness skills, to be more fully informed and engaged with your birth and parenting journey.

Third Coast Birth

Shawna and Margarita

Through this class we hope to both empower families with unbiased, evidence-based information, as well as foster community among classmates.  We believe that a strong sense of community support, as well as a good informational foundation, will help to boost confidence and remove fear and anxiety as families approach birth and parenthood.

Locations: Third Coast Birth, Chicago IL
Times: Weeknights
Online: N
Private Classes: Y

Third Coast’s Guide to ChildbirthWrite here…

Chicago Family Doulas

Locations: Chicago Family Doulas Oak Park, IL, Prenatal Fit Milk Supply in Chicago, IL
Times: Weekends, Weeknights and Weekdays
Online: Y - starting late 2018
Private Classes: Y

Introduction to Natural childbirth
Bringing Home Baby
Infant Massage
Grandparents Class
Breastfeeding Class,
Bringing Home Multiples and Breastfeeding Multiples.

Anna Rodney

We want our families to feel informed, empowered and confident after taking our classes.  We know each family is unique. Our classes are designed to cater to your specific needs and goals. We know that the transition to becoming a family or adding to your family is such a precious time and we want your family to be able to enjoy this experience.

Willow Pediatrics

Location: Willow Pediatrics and Lactation, Chicago IL
Online: N
Private: Y
Times: Weekends, Weeknights, Weekdays

Breastfeeding 101
Baby University

Amber Price, MD, IBCLC

In these evidence based classes you will learn the latest and most up to date information from a pediatrician, breastfeeding medicine specialist and mom of two. Our personalized classes are tailored specifically to the needs of your family.

Blissful Births and babies

Location: Wicker Park, West Loop; Elmhurst, Hinsdale, and Naperville
Online: N
Private: Y
Times: Weekends, Weeknights, Weekdays

One day intensive childbirth classes
Breastfeeding/Baby care classes

Robin Ross

Robin helps empower families prenatally and beyond through education and customized support.  Her expertise has been broadened and developed through her years of experience in helping to educate hundreds of families, her doula work, and her on journey as a mother of 3 children. Robin is a certified aromatherapist and can help develop guidance in proper use of essential oils based on the individual's needs. She would love to help you in your goals to create a positive experience. Let her be your Village!




Locations: Evanston IL
Times: Weekends, Weeknights and Weekdays
Online: Y
Private Classes:Y

Evidence Based Birth®
Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Parent 101
Evidence Based Birth® 6 week Flipped Class

Heather and Victoria

We help our clients have faster, easier births with confidence by sharing the tools, tips and tricks we’ve learned over 25 years supporting birthing families. With certification as a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner and Spinning Babies® Parent Educator, we integrate tools to optimize baby’s position and the birthing parent’s body.Partners will gain powerful, hands-on, researched tools to make birth easier and more joyful with confidence through our classes.

Sweet Pea’s Studio

Locations: Sweet Pea’s Studio, Chicago IL
Times: Weeknights
Online: N
Private Classes: Y

Birth Wisdom 6 weeks
Birth Wisdom Express
Comfort Measures for Birth
Breastfeeding Basics

Jenny Barron Fishman

Our classes support the normal process of childbirth and the right of the expectant parents to make informed choices based on knowledge of alternatives. We explore why many women want to attempt a non-medicated birth, and how the partner can assist in supporting and caring for the Mama during her birth journey, as well as becoming more confident and empowered during the birth. Jenny's hope is that you will look forward to the birth of your baby with excitement and joy and that it will be a memory you cherish.

Family Picnic

Location: Family Picnic, N. Lakeview, Chicago, IL
Times: Weekday evenings; Weekends
Online: N
Private: Y

The Power of Birth Childbirth Education 5-week Series or Weekend Intensive
Breastfeeding/Baby Care Workshop
New Mom Groups

Rebecca and Sue

Through our classes, we help pregnant moms and Partners feel confident so they can be at the center of their birth experience, able to advocate for themselves and their baby. Through deep examination of how a woman’s body prepares for, labors and gives birth, you will discover the amazing changes that will take place and how trust in your body is paramount. Moms and partners leave class feeling confident in her ability to birth her baby.

Through presenting only the most current, evidence-based information about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, we feel confident that you leave class able to speak up, ask questions, and make informed decisions for yourself and your baby.

Simply Counseling, LLC

Location: Chicago and Evanston
Online: Y
Private: Y
Times: Weekends, Weeknights, Weekdays

Groups offered throughout the year

Aysha Hagene, LCPC

Aysha Hagene, LCPC, has been helping families for over 18 years navigate the challenges that come with a growing family. She will help you create a “tool box” to help you with stress/anxiety and create effective communication for a happier and healthier family.

She is also a doula and certified yoga instructor, which enriches her therapeutic approach. Insurance friendly.


Mesa birth

Locations: Nurturing Nook, Hinsdale Hospital
Online: Y
Private Classes: Y
Times: Sundays

Lamaze Childbirth Preparation

Melissa Gonzalez, LCCE, CD(DONA)

Understanding how labor works, learning about medical procedures, and practicing comfort measures and relaxation are all proven ways to increase confidence and help eliminate fear of the unknown. Lamaze practices are based on the best medical evidence available and are designed to promote a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth! Parents can expect to finish this class feeling less fearful, more confident and ready for a great birth experience however they define it.

Mighty Mama Birth Services

Locations: Oh, Baby Co-op, Lockport, IL
Times: Weekend mornings 9-12:30
Online: N
Private: Y

Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage
Weekend Intensive Childbirth Education

Danielle Meintanis

Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education program that also teaches self-hypnosis techniques to expectant mothers, and thoroughly prepares their birth partners to assist them during childbirth. Families are given evidence-based information about all their medical and natural options for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. This class welcomes all families who are planning a vaginal birth, no matter if they are planning on having an epidural, a natural birth, or are still undecided.

Birth with Christine

Location: Chicago, the south and west suburbs and northwest Indiana
Online: Y
Private: Y
Times: Weekends, Weeknights, Weekdays

Evidence Based Birth (R)
Organic Birth A Wholistic Approach
Wonderful Weekend Childbirth Classes
One Day Intensive Childbirth Class

Christine Sheets Nutile

I provide my students with a comprehensive understanding of the birthing process and assistance as they prepare for the big day!  My classes focus on evidence, comfort and advocacy. You can expect to gain tools to make empowered decisions as you prepare (physically and emotionally) for birth and parenthood.

Cloud Nine Birth Services

Location: Wheaton, Plainfield, St. Charles, Hoffman Estates
Online: N
Private: Y
Times: Weekends, Weeknights, Weekdays

Birth Your Way- Signature Course

Kelsey Haliti

Our comprehensive childbirth education course was created with the modern birthing woman in mind. Our goals are to educate and equip you with all the tools to make informed and confident decisions regarding your maternity care and birth experience. Taught by doulas with years of experience and previously trained and certified with The Bradley Method, our exclusive 4 week course is tailored to accommodate expecting families with birth preferences of all kinds.  

magic hands birth services

Location: Hoffman Estates, Barrington Rd at I90
Online: N
Private: N
Times: Weekends, Weeknights, Weekdays

Informed Beginnings

Deb Lawrence

I provide my students knowledge, skills and courage as we cover pregnancy, normal labor and variations, risks and benefits of medical procedures, postpartum, newborns and breastfeeding. A successful birth is making good informed decisions based on the labor you are given.


kick ass birth *

(also offers in person classes*)

Location: Lincoln Park Chicago and Salem, Wisconsin
Online: Y
Private: Y
Times: Weekends, Weeknights, Weekdays, Anytime

Birthing From Within 6 Week series
1 Day Immersion classes
2 Day refresher classes

Holly Denby Rogalski

For 13 years I have worked with and taught expectant parents how ot navigate this transition in their lives with presence and power. We go above the "camp epidural" or "natural birth school" topics and look at birth as a Rite of Passage and psychological transitionor ALL parents.

natural birth classes

Location: ONLINE
Online: Y
Private: N
Times: Anytime

Signature Course- comprehensive course covering everything from pregnancy to postpartum care
Labor & Birth Course- focuses on stages of labor and what to expect from childbirth

Katie Zobrist and Robin Ross

Our mission is to build confidence and trust in the expecting family through education and support. We are both seasoned mothers, natural birthers and childbirth educators with years of experience. By the end of this course parents will have a great understanding of the natural birth process and a plan to reach their birth goals.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this guide helps you on your journey to the amazing and empowering birth you deserve.

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