3 simple tips on what to wear for your fresh 48 session so that you feel and look good - Hospital Newborn Photography Chicago, IL


 Many Chicago families celebrate their new beginning with a newborn photo shoot.  This way they can always remember their fuzzy first moments together.

Being in photos may be the last thing you want after just having had a baby. It's completely understandable and that was certainly the case for me.  I didn't feel photo ready and even turned down a friend's offer to come take a mom and baby photo for me.  This is now one of my biggest regrets from our early days. 

I'd like to save you from the heartache of not capturing a once in a life time moment that will pass too quickly by giving you some simple wardrobe tips so that you love all your photos, even the ones you're in.




1) Choose a color scheme. 

Pick a color that already makes up a large part of your wardrobe.  Chances are that's the color that you feel most comfortable in and that will  translate through your photos.  

Avoid overly bright colors and avoid deep reds and purples as they can be distracting and cast a color on baby’s face. It's a good idea to pick something neutral to keep your photos looking clean and fresh.

You don't want everyone to wear the same color top as it will look too plain and repetitive, instead play up the variation by choosing different shades of your  color or by mixing patterns. 

My best tip is for Mom to wear something she feels good in and dress the family around her outfit.  

Alicia, the beautiful mama below chose black and white for her color palate and opted to mix up fun patterns and shirt designs.



2. the most important outfit

Don't spend too much time fretting over what your baby will wear, your baby will be absolutely adorable in his birthday suit a onesie or a swaddle blanket.  It's more important that YOU, Mom feel good in what you are wearing. 

Your body has changed a lot through the last 9 months, to grow, nourish and birth your baby.  While you are getting used to your new body don't forget to be proud and thankful for it as well. 

It's OK to appreciate you body and still do little things in photos that will hide the bits you are getting used to. 

You have done an incredible thing, carrying and birthing a human and you deserve to look and feel good in your photos.

Remember to pick your outfit first and dress your family around that.  Ideally your outfit is easy to nurse in, if you are nursing and comfortable to lounge around in.  A dress or robe is perfect:

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3. Let your toddler or preschooler be who they are.

Ideally your little one will wear the outfit that you carefully picked out and  left with grandma.  But chances are they are going to wear an outfit inspired by their current cartoon addiction.  


This is a big day for your older kiddo and it  is so important that your kids are happy rather than matching, AND if you choose a neutral color scheme their outfit will match, no matter which princes or superhero they chose to be that day.

This will make for a much more enjoyable photo shoot. 

But more importantly it will allow your child's personality and current interests to be a part of your photographs and family memories.



Are you pregnant and live in the Chicago area or suburbs? I would love to help you tell your family's story.  Reach out below.