Sweet girl meets her brother Henry for the first time at Prentice Hospital in Chicago

Aside from seeing your baby for the first time Your big baby meeting your new baby is the most anticipated moment of your labor and delivery journey.

My boys are 2 years apart. I opted to have a home birth with Maitri Midwifery,  with my second and it was so important to me that my older son was there immediately after birth if not during.  Of course he was just a bit over 2 years old so his interest waned pretty quickly and he was excited to get back to his trains, but not before he fully inspected his little brother. The little baby that lived in my belly, the baby we talked about every day had now become a reality.

That moment  when two of my babies were in my arms, on the outside, together was simply magical. I am so happy to have photos of such a special time in our family.

Introducing your big kid to their ride or die, the keeper of their secrets and their BFF deserves to be documented.  Because one day, or every year on their birthday in our house, you will want to show them the moment they met one of the most important people in their life.

I highly recommend adding a full or mini video to your photo package so that you can capture the full story, complete with movement and tiny voices and giggles. 

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