Why you need, yes NEED a newborn session (Chicago newborn photographer)

Congratulations!!! You're going to be a mommy!

This is probably the most magical and anticipated time in your life. But that is not the only reason why you need to document it.

Having a baby is hard. You will lose sleep. Lots of it! You will inevitably feel like you are failing in some way even when you are doing your best navigating through the "new normal".

If you have other kids, you will fret over how they adjust, do they still feel loved? Are you giving them enough attention? Are you giving yourself enough attention? Do you even exist any more a midst the chaos of new baby-hood?

Before you know it the whirl wind will settle, breastfeeding and routines will become easier and the tumultuous time of having a new baby will be a thing of the past.

And then, you will want to remember. You will want to remember the moments that melted your heart.  Not the poop, not the sleepless nights or not the fact that you probably only showered once every two weeks or peed your pants when you sneezed. You will want to remember something much more powerful; the moments when time seemed to stop while you stared at your baby, inspected tiny wrinkled fingers, white dotted nose and pursed little lips.

You will want to remember how curious your older kids were and that they asked to  play with or hold the baby ALL the time. You will want remember that no matter how exhausted you were, you felt alive anytime you were close to your baby. Your favorite memory might be the first time your baby smiled at you, and how in that moment you lost your breath and cried because it was the most beautiful thing in the world. You will want to remember that nothing else in the entire world existed except this tiny little world filled with love and hope.

That is what we want you to remember, too! Newborn sessions are designed to capture the love between the chaos of having a new baby. Either right away and months or years down the line your images will show you that no matter how rough things got that YOU, mom, are doing just fine. A bit of positive outside perspective can help you to see that your family and your life are already beautiful and perfect.

Check out this fun session below. We got to photograph this little girl bonding with her new family after we also photographed her very speedy entrance into the world. Her mom is a birth warrior! We spent our session hanging out and playing (Our sessions are laid back, fun and stress free to allow us to capture the essence of who you are as a family!).  It was a great opportunity for the new family of four to bond. Big brother was a real entertainer, and so in love with his new baby sister.

NOW, Don't you want to remember those first few weeks fondly? We are here for you and wholeheartedly dedicated to TELL YOUR UNIQUE STORY.  We know that you are an amazing mother from day one and we want you to be able to see, to remember and feel that every time you look at your images.

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