What makes a perfect photo. (Chicago maternity photographer)

I bet we all have some kind of idea of a perfect family photo. For me its the un-posed, falling apart, kids running in different directions, baby stuck on mom's boob, parents trying to hide their embarrassment and not wanting to scold their kids in front of the person who came over to document their family love. You might be wondering where the perfect part comes in.   Well, it's already there. And I'm here to show you that  real beauty is in the chaos.

 Let me into your life and I promise to show you the beauty within it. My job is not to make you better but to see the beauty in the reality of your life. To pick out little moments and details that will reflect to you just how perfect your life already is.

I am so happy that Kate invited me to document her pregnancy with "Bonus Baby". I'm so thankful that she trusted me and let me into her life and allowed me to find magic in her everyday-ness.  Because the results are absolutely wonderful, she is gorgeous and  funny and was up for anything.  Not to mention she is Wonder-woman because bonus baby will be baby #5, and 3 of his siblings are triples!  She is my hero.

 I know that years down the line, when the kids grow up and they see these photos they will see their life, the beauty of their childhood- how it really was, perfectly imperfect. 

If you would like to see the beauty in your everyday-ness, then I would love to hear from you!

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