Why Birth Photography

Having a baby is extraordinary and
really hard work. You deserve to look
back on this day and see your self as
strong and beautiful. 

That moment of meeting your baby for the very first time will only happen once. With birth photography you can experience it completely while having the peace of mind that your memories are being captured.

If this is not your first rodeo then you know all about labor-land.  While everyone else may remember this amazing day, many moms have a hard time recalling details.  Birth photos will help you piece your story together. 



Professional birth photographs have the power to help us process,  accept and celebrate our birth story by allowing us to re-live our experience through  a fresh and loving perspective.  

Our birth experiences no matter what they are or turn out to be help prepare us for the very long and surprising journey of motherhood. 

I want to help YOU honor your story. 

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Maggie, it was such a pleasure having you at our birth. You have a wonderful presence and I could tell you cared deeply about documenting the day in beautiful ways. The morning went so fast, I think having the photos and video will really help me see all that happened. Thank you! - L

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Your Session Includes:

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The booking process starts with phone call or if you prefer an in person meeting. Once your due date is secured with a $500 initial payment, I will be on call for your birth.  We will meet prior to your due date so that we can get to know each other more and I can learn about your hopes and plans for your birth.  We will also go over the day-of plan of communication and any tips that will make your photos even more fantastic.

Fill out the form below to connect and learn about documenting your birth. 

newborn photography at prentice hospital chicago


Average of 120 photographs via digital download

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Average of 120 photographs via digital download

Highly edited short Film

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Average of 120 photographs via digital download

11 x 8.5 Book

Highly edited 3-6 min Full Film

Fresh 48 or Newborn Session

Maternity session at your prenatal meeting

    Add: Fresh48| Sibling Meeting $425  Add: Newborn Session $425 Add: Maternity Session-reach out to see an exclusive add on price for Maternity.

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Thanks so much! I currently have 1-2 spots left for 2018 Births.  Please inquire about Jan and March 2019 Due Dates below.